Dan Tapper

underground2Dan Tapper is an experimental sound artist whose work is informed by a desire to explore the relationships between sound, art, science and nature. Hailing from London, with a degree in Creative Music Technology from Bath Spa University Dan uses field-recording techniques to reveal hidden sounds. This spans from picking up unheard spectrums of sound such as the Very Low Frequency (VLF) band – an area of the electromagnetic spectrum – to recording sounds in our natural environment that people normally don’t notice such as tunnel ambiences and cityscapes. Dan’s previous projects include:Large scale sound installation A Machine To Listen To The Sky – an exercise in aerial VLF field recording collection, where a tethered weather balloon carrying two VLF receivers relays the sounds of the ionosphere back to ground level to be listened to by the general public.  The piece was performed at the American Museum In Britain, Bath, UK in May 2012.

Audio-visual gallery piece Thunderhead – visually manipulating and distorting images to represent the forces taking place within thunderstorms, accompanied by a generative score composed using software environment max/MSP.

Live electroacoustic performances with ensembles Behaviour and Tapper-Branea.

Dan has a strong belief in the power of sharing knowledge and uses this to help demystify areas of art often only associated with academic sonic art practices and science. On this website and the blog Magnetic Signals you can find information on Dan’s current work with sound, VLF and also access a user manual published by Dan named VLF: A Sound Artist’s Guide which explains how to listen, record and process Very Low Frequency sound.

Aside from sound Dan’s work also experiments with visual and digital art through creative coding, which he uses to develop bespoke applications which generate naturalistic geometrical shapes and pixel manipulated images inspired by glitch aesthetics. These works are regularly updated on his blog Code Poetry.

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