Dan Tapper (b. 1991, UK)

Dan Tapper is an artist who explores the sonic and visual properties of the unheard and invisible. From revealing electromagnetic sounds produced by the earth’s ionosphere, to exploring hidden micro worlds and creating imaginary nebulas made from code. His explorations use scientific methods alongside thought experiments resulting in rich sonic and visual worlds.

2014 NAISA Sounds Travels Intensive
2013 BA(Hons) Creative Music Technology – 1st class honors

Solo Exhibitions:
2016, Physical Media Matter, Degrassi Art Space, Toronto, Canada – Physical Media Matter brings together a three month process of work and experimentation made whilst living in Toronto. The works focus on taking information and data from the physical world, converting this information into data points and digital media, working with this information and outputting the altered content as tangible art pieces through analogue interfaces and image projection, CNC produced images, radio transmission and physical performance.

2016, Turbulent Forms, Factory Media Centre, Hamilton, Canada – Turbulent Forms is an exploration into the increasingly interdisciplinary work of sound artist Dan Tapper. From early works revealing the hidden world of Very Low Frequency (VLF) natural radio recorded with handmade devices. To generative art created in dialogue with machines, inspired by naturally occurring patterns. These works are presented alongside documentation for Dan’s latest work Heliosphere, an ongoing project investigating space through sound, data, text, image and imagination. This concept is currently in development to present in 2017 in collaboration with the Canadian Music Centre and New Adventures in Sound Art.

2013, A Machine to Listen to the Sky, American Museum, Bath, UK – A Machine to Listen to the Sky reveals the unheard signals of natural radio constantly surrounding us. Through the use of custom antennas elevated high above ground level by a tethered weather balloon the crackling, whistling and buzzing of ionospheric activity is made audible through a visually striking aerial interface.

Group Exhibitions:
2016, The Sky is also a Map, InterAccess, Toronto, Canada
2016, Science of the Unseen, ACM Siggraph
2015, Recording the Spirit Level, Extreme Weather, Murmur Gallery, Atlanta, USA
2015, Code Poetry, The Wrong Biennale, Code Nebula Pavilion, Digital Show
2015, Loch Ness – Resonant Waters, Kymmata, 03 Gallery, Oxford, UK
2013, Noise and Whispers, GV Art Gallery, London
2013, Bath Spa Creative Music Technology Degree Show, Burdalls Yard, Bath, UK
2012, Thunderhead, Burdalls Yard, Bath, UK
2012, Visual Toy Collection, Burdalls Yard, Bath, UK

Broadcast and Composition:
2016, Black Sands, Soundscapes in the Dark, NAISA, Toronto, Canada
2016, Ven, Elm Records
2016, Heliosphere, Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium
2015, Some Call it Noise, Resonance FM, Sonica FM, NAISA, Toronto, Canada, New River Studios, London, UK, Bath Spa University, UK
2014, Monoliths on the River Elbe, Erinnerungen an eine Stadt, released Mobius Spin, Germany
2014, Tour de Levis, Sound Travels Festival of Sound Art, NAISA, Toronto, Canada, Cities and Memory, Oxford, UK
2014, Lake Ontario Sound Walk, World Listening Day 2014 Sonic Terrain Compilation – Decisions
2014, Inverness to Edinburgh: Sonic Memories and Geographies, Cities and Memory, Oxford, UK Resonance FM, London, UK, NAISA, Toronto, Canada
2014, Exploring Spaces, Sweet Thunder Music Festival, San Francisco, USA
2013, The Sonic Christmas Tree, CIUT FM, Toronto, Canada
2013, Sunsong – radio documentary on VLF by Patrick Sykes, Resonance FM, London, UK
2013, Changing Signals, GV Art Gallery, London, UK, Cinecycle, Toronto, Canada
2012, Recording the Spirit Level, Radius FM, Chicago, USA, Free Music Archive, Kunstradio, Austria,WGXC, Columbia, USA, Wave Farm/FREE103POINT9, New York, USA, radioCONA, Slovenia

Publications and Workshops:
2016, Obtuse Nature, InterAccess
2016, Digital Nature, +- Art Science Press InterAccess,
2016, Feature on my work, Dutch Creators Project
2016, Science of the Unseen, Sci Art in America
2016, Science of the Unseen, Creators Project
2016, Magnetic Signals and Radiophonic Soundscapes Workshop, Music hackspace London
2015, Code Nebula featuring Code Poetry, Creators Project
2015, Guided VLF sound walk, New River Studios, London, UK
2015, VLF: A Sound Artist’s Guide, Second Edition, online resource
2015, Code Poetry feature, Wired UK
2015, Code Poetry feature, LAB Magazine
2014, Elegant Generative Art Explores the Haiku as Code – Code Poetry feature, The Creators Project
2014, 2015 Magnetic Signals and Radiophonic Soundscapes, VLF Workshop, NAISA, Toronto, Canada
2014, Scientific Machinery, +- Art Science Press,
2013, Microscopy, +- Art Science Press
2013, VLF: A Sound Artist’s Guide, online resource, Arnolfini Library, Bristol, UK, Radius Library, Chicago, USA, Wave Farm Library, New York, USA

2016, Bright Mirror: Recent Films by Paul Clipson, accompanying the artist
2015, A Pastoral Scene for a Digital Age, Glenville Rd Space, London, UK
2015, Deep Wireless Festival, NAISA, Toronto, Canada
2014, Tour de Levis, Sound Travels Festival of Sound Art, NAISA, Toronto, Canada
2013, The Sonic Christmas Tree, London, Glenville Rd Space, UK
2013, Behaviour Ensemble, Seeing Sound Conference, Bath Spa University, UK
2013, Tapper Branea, 44AD Gallery, Bath, UK
2013, Tapper Branea, Frome Noir, Somerset, UK
2013, Behaviour, Bath Fringe Festival, Bath, UK
2013, Sonfied Architecture, Burdalls Yard, Bath, UK
2012, FEED by Pyka, Arnolfini, Bristol, UK

2016, Soundscape Intensive, Led by New Adventures in Sound Art
2016, Honorary residence at Wave Farm

2017, Artists International Development Fund to develop Turbulent Forms for exhibition in Canada.
2015, Shortlisted for RGS and BBC Journey of a Lifetime Award
2014, Scholarship for New Adventure in Sound Arts Sound Travels Intensive
2013, Award for Outstanding Achievement in Creative Music Technology, Bath Spa University

Project Websites/Blogs:
Code Poetry
Magnetic Signals and Radiophonic Soundscapes
North American Sound Diaries

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