List of Works

Selected Works

Inverness to Edinburgh: Sonic Memories and Geographies – A series of field recordings and electroacoustic compositions exploring the sonic geography of Scotland between Inverness and Edinburgh. The recordings were originally presented by Cities and Memory and later performed as part of New Adventures in Sound Art’s (NAISA) Deep Wireless Festival

Exploring Spaces – An electroacoustic piece created with the aim to create a sense of space/movement using binaural audio, alongside doppler effects and inter-aural intensity difference. Presented at Sweet Thunder Music Festival, San Francisco

Changing Signals – An audio visual piece exploring the hidden electromagnetic sound landscapes of the London Underground, commissioned in August 2013 by GV Art Gallery London for the exhibition Noise and Whispers.

A Machine To Listen To The Sky – VLF sound installation performed at the American Museum In Britain, Bath

Recording The Spirit Level – Fixed duration piece of VLF recordings processed and edited to create a hyper real representation of the VLF band. The piece was commissioned by Radius an experimental broadcast platform based in Chicago. Recording The Spirit Level has subsequently been broadcast by; Free Music Archive, Kunstradio and Radius Sketchpad


Magnetic Signals and Radiophonic Soundscapes VLF Workshop – A workshop that explores the Very Low Frequency (VLF) spectrum by building a large loop receiver and recording the electromagnetic sounds of the surrounding area. Taught at New Adventures in Sound Art; Soundhackers group and the TransX symposium


Wired UK – Feature on Code Poetry

LAB Magazine – Feature on Code Poetry

Creators Project – Feature on Code Poetry

+- Magazine – Art Science Publication. Issue 1 focuses on art in the field of Microscopy. Issue 2 focuses on Scientific Machinery

VLF: A Sound Artist’s Guide – A manual for the budding VLF artist explaining how to listen, record and process Very Low Frequency Sound

Sunsong – Radio program on VLF. Includes an interview with me as well as using VLF recordings taken by me specifically for the show

Selected Performances

The Sonic Christmas Tree – Live electroacoustic and visual performance manipulating the sounds of a Christmas tree – broadcast January 2014 on CIUT FM

Seeing Sound Conference 2013 – Performing as Behaviour with live visuals by Jon Piggot

44AD Gallery – Tapper Branea

Frome Festival – Tapper Branea

Café KinoBehaviour

Bath Fringe FestivalBehaviour

Sonified Architecture – Performing with the artist Andrei Branea

FEED at Arnolfini – Performing with Incidental


North American Sound Diaries – Blog that explores the North American continent through a series of sound documentaries, field recordings and electroacoustic compositions taken from my travels around the North American continent cataloguing interesting sounds. The resulting works look at echoic memory and abstractions from place creating a psychogeographical map based on my experiences and interactions with each place.

Code Poetry – Blog creating digital artworks, inspired by zen poetry and haiku. Celebrating the simplicity and beauty that can be found in code. Updated regularly

Magnetic Signals and Radiophonic Soundscapes – Blog focusing on my work with VLF


Selected by Tumblr to promote National Poetry Month in April 2015

Selected by Tumblr as a trending blog for Code Poetry throughout January 2014

Award for Outstanding Achievement in Creative Music Technology – Awarded by the Bath Spa School of Creative Music Technology

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