Turbulent Forms


Transit of Planets (Heliosphere) – Sonification to visualization of planetary orbits, converted to radio waves and bounced off the moon.

Turbulent Forms is an exhibition and ongoing research and development project bringing together my work with electromagnetic sound from space, creative coding and the gathering and re-purposing of scientific data.

Works range from generative artworks built in response to data from space, hanging nebulas of sound, interactive sound and light installation and audio-visual film works.

Turbulent Forms was first presented at the Factory Media Centre as part of the Hamilton Art Crawl (April, 2016) combining old and new works to create an immersive exhibition environment where sound, image, chaos and beauty collide.

Works in this initial show where:

Heliosphere, Turbulent Forms, Changing Signals, Some Call it Noise, VLF: A Sound Artist’s Guide, A Machine to Listen to the Sky (documentation)

Stills from exhibition at Factory Media Centre

Turbulent Forms is currently being developed for further display in summer 2017 focusing around the creation of new work inspired by chaos, space data, sound and cosmology. The exhibition will be displayed at the Canadian Music Centre in association with the Canadian Music Centre and New Adventures in Sound Art with support from the Arts Council and British Councils Artists International Development Fund.

Selected Code Poems from Turbulent Forms series

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