Turbulent Forms


Turbulent Forms is an exhibition of new work by artist and composer Dan Tapper, exploring the universe through chaos and cosmology. The works are inspired and derived from physical data gathered by space organizations and physicists as well as using thought experiments, illustrative techniques and imagination to create parallels and appreciation of complex, abstract and theorized concepts.

In Turbulent Forms, space–time is bent through huge forces of energy, spinning supernovas cast fragments of light and the cosmic microwave background (CMB) is transformed through processes of generation loss. Each work is created through systematic and symbiotic approaches to sound, visual, physical installation and composition, creating an immersive experience.

The exhibition also commissions three new works from Toronto-based artists and composers: Bekah Ann Simms, Allison Cameron and Mehrnaz Rohbakhsh. These will be presented alongside a program of Dan Tapper’s work and the unveiling of Nova, an installation mapping the histories of supernova events through light and sound. Turbulent Forms is presented by the Canadian Music Centre and New Adventures in Sound Art, and funded by Arts Council England and the British Council.

Turbulent Forms is the development of a previous show presented at the Factory Media Centre, Hamilton, Canada in April 2016. Documentation for this show can be found following this link: Turbulent Forms, Hamilton 2016

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