Sound Art and Performance

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My sound work spans a variety of areas. From picking up VLF electromagnetic sound in installations such as:

A Machine To Listen To The Sky – An aerial sound installation held at the American Museum.

Commisioned audio and visual works:

Changing Signals – an audio visual piece exploring the hidden electromagnetic sound landscapes of the London Underground, commissioned in August 2013 by GV Art Gallery London for the exhibition Noise and Whispers.

Recording The Spirit Level – A piece inspired by late night interference in the VLF radio band and commissioned by Chicago-based experimental broadcast platform Radius.

To interactive gallery pieces that manipulate visuals, sound and data:

Thunderhead – visually manipulating and distorting images to represent the forces taking place within thunderstorms, accompanied by a generative score composed using software environment max/MSP.

I also am an active sonic performer playing with the ensembles Behaviour and Tapper-Branea



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